Current Bills

AB 292 Time to Eat: Lunchtime Supports Learning 
AB 292 will allow students to have at least 20 minutes to eat lunch after receiving it.

AB 1321 Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program

AB 1321 is an evidence-based bill that doubles the value of nutrition assistance benefits at farmers’ markets and small business retailers when used to purchase California grown fruits, nuts and vegetables.

SB 564  Vehicle speeding fine increase in school zones to fund Safe Routes to School (ATP)

This bill will require that an additional fine of $35 be imposed if the violation occurred in a school zone. Fines will go toward funding school zone safety projects within the Active Transportation Program.

SB 151  Raise in minimum age for purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21

This bill will raise the minimum age required to purchase tobacco products to 21 years of age.

Learn more about these bills and their progress here.

What's New

CCPHA Responds to Coke's Apology

In case you missed it on our website, we invite you to check out a recent blog written by CCPHA’s Executive Director, Dr. Harold Goldstein.

The blog is a response to the Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola, Muhtar Kent issuing an apology after the company was caught pouring millions of dollars into a group that promotes so-called "energy balance" as the key to preventing disease and maintaining a healthy weight. Basically Coke got busted trying to pass off #CokeScience as "the real thing."

Will Coke will actually do right by public health, and change its tune to inform people about the harms its products cause? Dr. Goldstein weighs in, and we hope you take a moment to check it out HERE!




local Events

Champions Summit and Recognition Ceremony

We are pleased to share with you the success of the Greater Los Angeles Training and Resource Center Champions Summit and Recognition Ceremony! The event, hosted by CCPHA and FAME Corporations on July 16, 2015, brought together about 200 champions from Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura counties for a day of community, networking and best practice sharing. 

We felt honored to recognize the courageous efforts of moms, dads, grandparents, students, public health professionals and community leaders--working tirelessly to introduce healthy changes to our neighborhoods, schools, churches and workplaces on behalf of children and families.

Truly, it was a day that served as inspiration & education for the champion inside each of us. To see a photo gallery of the event, check out this link!

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